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I keep hearing conversations on how bad [ insert latest tech here ] really is, and how each time you use that particular piece of tech, a [ insert cute, fluffy animal ] dies, and yet we keep using them. Today (2019) we are hearing how 5G will kill practically all life on Earth ... but no one is talking about 4G, or even 3G !

I get the basic impression that much of this is some kind of anti-marketing campaign, or FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) attack, or just the mindless chattering of the clueless classes who get their technical information from sci-fi programs like Star Trek or Star Wars.

People have been saying similar things about mobile cell towers for years and we're all still here ! And if one person was actually killed by cell tower radiation, that's tiny compared with the number of lives saved by them - examples :-

  • Elderly couple going for a bike ride in the country side, old man falls off his bike clutching his chest, old woman calls 999, ambulance comes - one life saved.

  • Two young women walking home after a party, they notice some dodgy bloke following them, one girl calls her dad, who picks them up - two lives saved.

  • Three young lads get trapped while exploring some caves, one dials 999, the operator gets their location either by cell-tower triangulation or by GPS - three lives saved.

    Unfortunately, many people get their technical knowledge from movies or TV programs, which is just about the worst place to do that !

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