Articles of Character


  1. Peter Blue - Technical Architect Business networker, Investor and software developer. Lives in Kent and London.

  2. Funding Circle - C2B Lending Peer2Peer lender Funding Circle with best RoI. Started in 2010

  3. Jokes - Jokes from around the world Humour from around the Interwebz

  4. Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey - American singer, songwriter, record producer, poet, model,& music video director

  5. John D Wood - Property Consultant in London Kent resident property letting

  6. Quotations - Inspiring Sayings Some great Sayings from characters from our yester-years

  7. ZOPA - London based Finance Zopa is a personal finance P2P lending organisation based in London, UK.

  8. Are there any good networking venues in London ? People often ask if London has any venue suitable for business networking.

  9. Glamping Since 2007 there has been a new word in the English language: Glamping - luxury camping with all the amenities, nice beds, and in many cases electricity

  10. Unfortunate Photos Is There a Method To Push Down Embassasing Images Online

  11. Quotes & Jokes - Useful Phrases #2 Some wise Sayings from people from our yester-years

  12. 5G Mobiles = Bad ? Are 5G mobiles really that bad ?

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